1st Prize: 2500€


The board game ALU is a full tactile resource-based strategy game for two players, that is self-taught and playable by people with or without visual impairment.

Authors: Kermo Aruoja and Oskar Mihhailov

2nd Prize: 1000€

Cup of tea

Cup of tea (Angle cap) is a non-digital solution to help people with visual impairment to undestand if a cup is full of hot water.

Author: Clelia Piirsoo

3rd Prize: 500€


A smart cold storage which assists you to store food at the optimum temerature and reminds you to have food on time.

Authors: Lea Kolde, Mehruba Shabaab Haque, Hadi Alavi

Special mention

Muve FMS

Muve is a smart wearable, which combined with web-based software helps athletes improve their performance and avoid injuries.

Authors: Daniel Irabien, Maris Heinaru, Elena Gorshkova, Artem Slepikovskii, Yueqi Jiang, Melik Demirel.

Special mention


MeMo creates a system for delivering, organizing and storing dailiy medications for the elderly.

Authors: Triin Jürgens, Erko Pettai, Liis Saare

All submitted works:

Illustration of the argumented reality eye in the speach bubble.
Illustration of speach bubbles with argumented raeality eye, question mark, smart house and interactive staircase.

Jury members:

Kristjan Mändmaa (Jury chairman)
Eesti Kunstiakadeemia / Estonia Academy of Arts

Rait Kuuse
Sotsiaalministeerium / Ministry of Social Affairs

Ilona Gurjanova
Eesti Disainerite Liit / Estonian Association of Designers

Veronika Valk-Siska
Kultuuriministeerium / Ministry of Culture

Vladimir Tomberg
Tallinna Ülikool / Tallinn University

Kristo Priks
Ligipääsetavuse Foorum / Accessibility Forum

Joel Kotsjuba